Inner Game Tricks

Create an exercise regimen and eat healthy. One of the greatest things you can do for your inner game is to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Not only will it improve your overall physical attractiveness, it will increase your testosterone levels, energy, health, and psychological well being.

 Get involved in group activities and social circles. Developing a life with many social groups helps you feel included and accepted in society. Obviously having a life with little to no friends can be a real drag on your inner game. When you have groups of people to go out with or do fun activities with, it is much easier to meet women and interact with others with similar interests.

 Approach women and face rejection. Rejection happens to all of us. No matter who you are, you will experience it eventually. Facing your fears head on develops confidence and improves your inner game. If you think the woman is going to reject you before you approach her, have the mentality that every rejection brings you one woman closer to finding a woman who likes you back. This philosophy is also true!

 Set small goals and accomplish them. Every time you set a goal and accomplish it, you feel more in control of your life. You also feel a sense of achievement, building your inner game. You can begin by setting a goal to talk to 3 new women in one week. Even if all three women reject you, you will feel good that you tried and accomplished the goal you set. If the challenge was too easy, make it more difficult. Perhaps approaching 12 women in one week is a bit difficult, but doable in your mind.

 Develop a sense of intrinsic confidence. Extrinsic confidence is receiving confidence from outside yourself. Examples of these are validation from women’s approval, owning a nice car, having money, good looks, or dressing well. These are nice to have, but at any point in time, these extrinsic sources of validation could disappear, leaving you feeling depressed. Do you remember the last time a woman said something nice, making you feel great, and then saying something negative to you, removing all confidence she had built? This shouldn’t affect you too much when you have intrinsic confidence. Intrinsic confidence comes from character traits and values. The things inside of you with which you have full control. Being a faithful, honest person or being intelligent is not something that will ever go away. Accomplishments that you have achieved in the past or the fact that you are working towards improving yourself also don’t go away and are things that should bring you confidence.