Halo Multiplayer

Death Island

A reworked version of the single-player game’s Silent Cartographer map, Death Island is loaded with vehicles. You’ll get a pair of tanks and one of each Warthog variant, plus a Covenant turret (aka Shade) and a pair of Banshees just a teleport away. Also, remember the shotgun and health pack inside your base.

The best ways to get the flag are:

Method 1: Inside your base are two teleporters situated across from each other, with icons on the walls indicating where they take you. One warps to the Shade overlooking your base, while the other takes you on top of the map to a sniper rifle and your team’s pair of Banshees. Grab the shotgun, warp to the Banshees, and fly one directly across the map. Swoop down to the enemy base entrance, hop out, grab the flag, then it’s up, up, and away out of the enemy’s line of fire. A great way to score if the enemy is caught napping.

Method 2: A simple vehicular caravan is the other prime method of flag-capturing. Simply get (ideally) both tanks and a Warthog with at least one gunner. Take the long drive to the enemy base and let the tanks dish the hurt while the jeep swoops in and snatches the brightly colored fabric.