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Copy PC Games

One of the easiest ways to create a back up of your game or copy your game so you can transfer it to your other computer is to have a software that is specially made for such purpose.

To help you copy PC games, you will need a blank disc, a disc burner and of course, your PC. A number of copying software are actually available to help your copy your files, data as well as your PC games easily. If you have downloaded your games from the internet, you can just insert your blank CD on the your disc burner, launch your software and the copying will start. Different software have different instructions on this one, so make sure you have fully known your software and you have learned the process before attempting to copy your games.

If you have a game in your discs and you want to create a backup copy of it to make sure you have a spare copy if the disc gets damaged or scratched, you only have

Inner Game Tricks

Create an exercise regimen and eat healthy. One of the greatest things you can do for your inner game is to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Not only will it improve your overall physical attractiveness, it will increase your testosterone levels, energy, health, and psychological well being.

 Get involved in group activities and social circles. Developing a life with many social groups helps you feel included and accepted in society. Obviously having a life with little to no friends can be a real drag on your inner game. When you have groups of people to go out with or do fun activities with, it is much easier to meet women and interact with others with similar interests.

 Approach women and face rejection. Rejection happens to all of us. No matter who you are, you will experience it eventually. Facing your fears head on develops confidence and improves your inner game. If you think the woman is going to reject you before you approach her, have the mentality that every rejection brings you one woman closer

Xbox Gaming

Purchasing an Xbox console is a great tip in and of itself. The reason being, you can find them for pretty cheap and still get your money’s worth (more on that later). The fact remains that next-generation consoles are still quite expensive, and it will still be awhile before prices go down.

The value of used games. Speaking of getting your money’s worth, there are bucket loads upon bucket loads of used Xbox games, it’s ridiculous (in a good way). Not only that, but you can find them, quite easily, at dirt cheap prices. This is where value surpasses price big time. Not too long ago I just purchased Ninja Gaiden for my Xbox for 5 bucks. Yes, 5 bucks! With a game that good, I’d be more than willing to fork out the 5 dollars. Which leads me to my next Xbox gaming tip…

Hidden Gems. Remember those games you’ve always wanted to play for the Xbox but never got a chance to play. Now you can play them, for dirt cheap. You’d be

Online Blackjack Game

If you have: – You should:

9 or lower – hit

10 or 11 – double down if your cards add up to more than the dealer’s card showing. If not, HIT right away.

12 through 16 – hit when dealer’s card showing is 7 or higher; stand otherwise.

17 or higher – Stand

With Soft hands (any points count for a blackjack hand that uses an ace counting as 11 points instead of 1 point), things change a bit. A soft hand includes any hand that uses an Ace as an 11 instead of a 1, such as a “Soft 17”, which includes and ace and a 6.

13 through 18 – Double down when dealer’s card showing is 5 or 6

17 or lower – HIT

18 – Hit when dealer’s card is six or less; stand when dealer’s card is seven or more

19 or higher – stand

Now if you have Pairs here is what you do:

Always split Aces and EIGHTS.

Never split 10s, 4s or 5s

Split all other pairs when dealer’s card showing is 6 or less

About Paintball Game

Choosing your paintball gun

Choosing your paintball gun to play paintball games is very essential. There are different types of paintball guns that you can choose from. You can search in online stores like and in other online shops that offers it.

Just make sure of the model that you want to buy since you are only thinking of your budget here. However, if you don’t want to buy a paintball gun, there are also available paintball guns that you can rent on the spot in any paintball gaming areas. You can rent it per hour or depending on the deal you will ask with the paintball gun facilitator.

Also, make sure that the cartridge carbon dioxide that will pump out the paintball should always be full so that there will be no hassles to play paintball games. The paintball should also be new since there is an expiration date on the paintball. You will notice if the paintball is not good to use when it is slimy and the inside liquid oozes out.

You must be properly geared also to protect yourself from the pain, bruises and wounds of being shot by

Super Mario Bros Game

Super Mario Bros was the first game ever to be released for the NES in 1985. It was the first game to deliver effective smooth scrolling levels with a well made map. Super Mario Brothers is currently the best selling video game of all time. You can play it on the NES, Famicom, SNES, GBA, and recently the Wii. Trust me everyone, this game is a true blast from the past, and still entertains today. Mario was the first true video gaming character and he will stand up and fireball away any others that try to take his place. He will always be big in the video game industry because of this games huge impact.

The Games Story:

Many say the story of this game is horrible and it is a big downfall of the game. I mean it is just like every other game where a princess gets captured and you need to save her. The real basic plot of the game is that Bowser has unleashed a wicked spell over Mushroom Kingdom. The only ones who can save the Princess and break this evil spell are Mario and Luigi.

Well, this game was

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

There are no drastic changes to the core Fire Pro game play. It’s the same solid grappling system long time fans have grown accustomed to. Those who are new to Fire Pro will need to spend some time getting used to the timing. The fighting system punishes button mashers. I would advice newbies to set COM difficulty to 1 and work their way up to a harder level. This is one of those games where appreciation is only gained after learning the ins and outs.

The series’ trademark features are tight game play and a huge roster. FPR boasts a total of 327 real life competitors. To avoid copyright issues, everyone has been given a name modification. Vader is named “Saber”, Kenta Kobashi is “Keiji Togashi”, etc. Feel free to rename everyone accordingly. You also have the option of changing the attire for default characters. You don’t have to sacrifice one of your 500 edit(CAW) slots when your favorite wrestler changes gimmicks.

FPR’s all-star roster features wrestlers, boxers and mixed martial artists from around the world. Puroresu legends like Giant Baba, Satoru Sayama(original Tiger Mask) and Jushin “Thunder” Lyger are selecible. As always the default roster

Online Slot Games

Let’s start with the most important tip of all. Do not gamble more than you can afford. There is nothing more that will bring your gaming experience down than spending money you don’t have. Set an amount in your mind that you can afford to lose. Yes, lose. You can not sit down at slot games and expect to win all the time so setting the expectation that you will lose will make the winnings all the more rewarding. Do not spend your bill money, your vacation money or your rainy day money.

Secondly, set yourself an alloted amount of time to play online slots. If you reach that time allotment, stop. Even if you have not played through all the money you could afford for that session. Sitting in front of your computer, in the comfort of your home may make you want to play for hours and hours. This could lead to the possibility of you depositing more money than you wanted to. Think of it as being at a land based casino where you have to go home at some point in time, right?

Next, should you consider taking a bonus? This will

Battleship Board Game

1. Where to put your ships

Some people place all of their ships together. This way if someone sinks one of the ships in that group they will move on to another part of the board. I personally don’t like this theory. I believe it is better to place your ships far away.

While it may throw off your opponent at the start that your ships are all together once they figure it out it is all over. They know exactly what area to shoot at in order to hit you. If on the other hand you put all your ships in different areas it is much harder. It is easy to find ships that are next to each other harder to find a ship that is in the middle of nowhere.

2. Know about your opponents.

Every opponent you have will probably think just a little different. They might tend to put their ships on the sides or they might start shooting for your boats in the middle of the board. Knowing what to expect is a good way to win the game.

3. Keep Record of everything

This goes without

Online Poker Cash Game

Choose the best table. This is probably the tip that will increase your profits the most. If you are capping yourself at a certain blind level (you normally want 200x big blinds at the table), then use the search function, which almost all poker rooms have, and find the largest ‘average pot’. Tables with large average pots mean players are betting their money wildly, and it becomes an ideal place to make a profit.

Bet before you call. The general rule of thumb is: you need to have a better hand to call than you do to raise. If you call a bet, you learn nothing about their hand, you don’t increase the pot (by as much as a raise would do) and you don’t give yourself the chance to win the pot there and then. If you don’t have a made hand (e.g. flush or straight draw), make the bet anyway! You could win the pot, you could hit the flush or straight on the next card or you could get re-raised. Even if you do get re-raised, you have learnt a lot about your opponent’s hand, and you can re-evaluate your next decision.


Fun With Flight Simulator Games

Despite the thrill it provides, some people still find it difficult to have fun with flight simulator games. Their reasons vary, but one thing is for sure – you don’t have any reason to feel that way. If you want to change how you feel about it, this article is a good read.

· Caught off-guard – A lot of people get too excited to try the games that they try it in haste. However, some people try it without having an idea of what to expect. This is the primary reason why they are caught off-guard. As shocked as they are, they fail to fully have fun with flight simulator games.

· Very low stress tolerance – Some people have very low stress tolerance that they poorly manage minimal stress. Any kind of role-playing games can at some point be very intense and these games are no exception. Depending on the person, he can find this intensity either as stressful or thrilling.

· Too real to handle – The purpose of any kind of real life game is to resemble actual situations. To be able to do that, these games often exhibit intense flight

Halo Multiplayer

Death Island

A reworked version of the single-player game’s Silent Cartographer map, Death Island is loaded with vehicles. You’ll get a pair of tanks and one of each Warthog variant, plus a Covenant turret (aka Shade) and a pair of Banshees just a teleport away. Also, remember the shotgun and health pack inside your base.

The best ways to get the flag are:

Method 1: Inside your base are two teleporters situated across from each other, with icons on the walls indicating where they take you. One warps to the Shade overlooking your base, while the other takes you on top of the map to a sniper rifle and your team’s pair of Banshees. Grab the shotgun, warp to the Banshees, and fly one directly across the map. Swoop down to the enemy base entrance, hop out, grab the flag, then it’s up, up, and away out of the enemy’s line of fire. A great way to score if the enemy is caught napping.

Method 2: A simple vehicular caravan is the other prime method of flag-capturing. Simply get (ideally) both tanks and a Warthog with at least one gunner. Take the long drive

Warhammer Online Game

One of the frustrations that you can experience in online games is being stuck in a level that you find difficult to finish. Thus, if you are itching to move on to the higher levels of the game but you are going all over again and stuck in the same level, then you may want to find a few tips and strategies that can help you move faster into the quests and level up fast.

Of course, on one of the main things that you have to consider when you reach this part is to review the basics and learn the special skills as well as weapons and armors of your character. The more you know them, the easier you can put them into use to level up fast. It is also important to know when to use the skills and armors, where to attack your enemies and of course, what tips you can do to help save time.

Here are other few tips and strategies that can help you master the Warhammer online game and enjoy it more.

Conquer every quests that is available for you. You can use your map to find out

Roulette Gaming

Bet On Patterns That Have Not Appeared For A While

It is a good idea to place a bet on any number or sequence that has not appeared for at least 5 or more results in a row. For example, if red or black have not appeared for 5 or 6 spins, then it might be time to start betting on the opposite colour to show up. Of course, this system is not perfect. Red or black may not appear for 10, 15, or even 20 times in a row. However, this scenario is very unlikely, and a colour will not usually be vacant for more than 8 spins in a row.

Increase Your Bets For Winnings And Decrease Them For Losses

This strategy has resulted in massive wins for a lot of people I know, especially when they win 3 or more times in a row. It also works really well when you lose more than 2 times in a row. By increasing your bets whilst on a winning cycle, you maximise the amount of profits you will potentially reap. By decreasing your bets during periods of losing streaks, you are essentially limiting your

Gin Rummy Plus

To begin with, the game play in Gin Rummy Plus is pretty good, and it looks fantastic. Card games are a dime a dozen, so the only thing that really separates them are graphics and extras.

Peak Games has done a fine job on the graphics part. The look is fantastic, the animations are smooth, and the user interface is very intuitive and learned in seconds.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it with this one. Even after connecting with Facebook, the “leaders” and “friends” buttons are non-functional, giving you a nice little “coming soon” balloon.

This is disappointing, especially the friends option. One of the selling points to games like this (e.g. Words With Friends, What’s the Phrase?, Dice With Buddies/Yahtzee With Friends) is the ability to play against people you know. As of now, this option does not exist… In fact, I would prefer it if they hadn’t even put the button in there to show users and upcoming feature, instead letting the game stand as it is.

As it is, it is a fine game. As I’ve already said, the graphics are very nice, the animations are smooth, and the matchmaking with strangers

About Supply Drop Addiction

Supply drops became so successful that Treyarch and Infinity Ward, the creators of Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare respectively, continued with trend. Call of Duty franchise makers could now continue to earn revenue throughout the life of the game, instead of just when a person buys the game at the store. According to Activision’s Q4 2016 earnings call, the company made an additional $3.6bn through in-game content sales (mostly from COD: Black Ops III and Overwatch). That’s unbelievable!

Some gamers might say that supply drops are ruining the game, however. I happen to agree – especially for the newest CoD game, Infinite Warfare. In Infinite Warfare, weapon variants, or different (and statistically better) versions of guns, make playing public matches much more frustrating. For example, the Erad used to be one of my favorite guns in the game. I played with the common (base) variant, and I was pretty good with it… until I came face-to-face with a player who had the legendary (rarest) variant of the gun – called the ‘cyclopean’. It literally shoots a LASER BEAM instead of regular bullets. I didn’t stand a chance. I was insta-killed time and time again by the

About Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)


The main story of SOTC can be written in a few sentences. Man tries to save beloved Mono. Man is offered a chance to do so by slaying 16 colossus. Man does it. And then the ending. But there is so much more complexity in this simple story. You cannot help but fall in love with every character. From Agro, your trusty steed, to the wanderer, the protagonist and each of the 16 magnificent colossi. All of this only leads to an emotional gut punch every time you kill these colossi. And not to mention an ending that is both as much an absolute heartbreak, as it is beautiful.


Part of SOTCs charm lies in how simple everything is, and the underlying complexity is all born in the player’s mind. It may have been due to the limitations of the PS2 that things were kept so simple, but Bluepoint games have used that simplicity along with the PS4’s graphical fidelity, delivered in spades. This game is one the best looking games for the PS4 right now. Everything in this game, from landscapes to the towering colossus themselves, have been redone from the ground

Armor Heroes Online Game

You will be given a dragon to carry you around from the very beginning but make sure you learn how to control it since your attack types change and the ones which you thought to be fast will now be slow but far more effective. You will also notice that there are several barrels which need to be broken in order to collect points or healing packs (usually red) After you beat the archers you need to proceed with caution since there are some enemies which explode and can take you down immediately.

Right after you defeat these set of foes you will have to battle against a tougher night which might give you the impression to be the final boss because he comes at you really fast but he isn’t, you can beat him with fast continuous attacks, compared to previous enemies this one might take you a while to defeat but it is doable, once you pass this enemy you will encounter the final boss of this level, be very careful because if you get one hit from him you are finished, this one is a giant wooden monster which causes metal spikes to come

VR Box Review

VR box overview: The VR box is a solid plastic version of the Google cardboard headset featured with completely adjustable eye lenses.

Lenses: the lenses look just as children’s binoculars and it is possible to adjust their position in the dimensions, depth and width depending on the video or the application. Every application on the Google cardboard features a different field of view and users might have to adjust the headset for different applications.

Comfort: These headsets are to get rammed against one’s face hard and thus are required to be comfortable. The VR box feels so comfortable compared to the original cardboard headset and if needed additional padding could be used in the surrounding area for those with a ridge nose.

Phone holder: The phone holder has padding on both its sides where the phone gets held in place. The holder has holes on both its sides to allow the user to add charger and headphones, so that when the device is in use, there would not be many disturbances to with power and user could get immersed in the VR box much longer. The slider fixes into the headset with a click and

Airplane Landing Games

Some airplane landing games don’t come with many options, so it’s important to go for a game that has a multitude of choice and variety. For example, you will want to look for many different options in terms of the aircraft you will be piloting. You should also have a wide variety of commercial, private and military planes to choose from.

In addition to the many aircraft that should be in a flight simulator, you should also look at the options you have for the conditions you fly. A choice of terrains, weather conditions and different landing areas like different airports and landing strips would certainly add variety.

The next thing you need to do is to learn the game before you start to play. These games might not be as complex as you would think they are on first glance, but they are not easy by any stretch of the imagination. What this means is that you cannot simply pick up and play immediately. These games require time and patience to master. The best option is to study the manuals and familiarize yourself with the controls. This will prevent you ending up being more frustrated